Sense and simplicity

Usually, a company has a website with a button ‘About us` which leads to a page where you can find information about the company’s activities, provided services or products. Mainly, it also includes information about the history of the company, its goals, their vision and their mission. If you hit the button below ‘About us,’ it will lead you to a page where you read a story that makes no sense but is a worldwide celebrated story. The story is entirely different in the Netherlands, but the name of the person from the story is the same. The reason for this page is simple: if it provides the information generally on a webpage called ‘About us’, it would likely make no sense at all, while it should because vvroem is all about logic and simplicity, which was once the slogan of a very famous Dutch company called Phillips, which changed the name of their lightning division to Signify. If we understand, celebrate and tell stories that make no sense, we need more understanding of a story that should make sense. We need to regain our knowledge of the word’s meaning. Raising awareness about words lost in translation, we at vvroem will significantly amplify Signify to restore sense and simplicity.

‘Just keep moving backwards’

The company vvroem has one starting position and consists of 2 different legal entities: vvroem B.V. at Appelstraat 2B, 2871EL Schoonhoven, The Netherlands, which will be the starting position. vvroem LLC is the 2nd legal entity, with two different virtual addresses: Delaware 651 N Broad St, suite 201, Middletown, 19709 New Castle and the 2nd: 945 Taraval St. #1048, San Francisco, California, USA

Who am I?

People call me Peter, and I call myself the creative director of vvroem. I was born in a barn on a farm in 1989, in a town called ‘Terschuur’; since my parents only obtained a legal address later, in 1994, my first registered address became Rembrandtstraat 18, Voorthuizen in 1990, and my place of birth became Barneveld. As a baby, I was baptized and was named Pieter, in the name of the holy trinity in the church right across the street, which was part of the ‘Together on our Way’ movement, which made three religious movements into one having the most members of the Netherlands and called itself the Rebellion Church Netherlands. Nobody who knows me knows facts about my identity, and even my legally obtained passport shows invalid identity facts.


My generation is called the millennials; I am named after my granddad ‘Piet’, but I never got the chance to know him, but I remember what my mother, his daughter, told me about him; he swore and cursed a lot like a general harbour worker from Rotterdam. He loved new technology but had a belief the world would come to an end by a computer virus. If you have read the story ‘About us’, you know in the Netherlands, the follower of Santa is not an elve, but a ‘Piet’, a black Piet. I am gay, which means happy, but I experienced a lot of depressed feelings, but I am proud of who I have become. As you might know, the pride flag got an update; it is not about the right to be unrestrained who you are but about the right to be unconditionally equal. To be or not to be is not the question anymore. We are.

19 years later.

Approximately 200 new viruses come to life every single day. We became so advanced that we could simulate a worldwide pandemic by AI in just a few hours, which was done in October 2019 called Event 201. In 2020, humanity stopped moving. Cities, highways, and every other place usually crowded with humans were empty and abandoned. Science gave us projections on what happened with different life on our planet during that time: it boomed. We ‘know’ life is ending, but haven’t we forgotten something? 22-11-2020 I erected vvroem as a trial to see if what I did to myself in 2019 to make myself believe in a lie for me to get productive again also worked on other people. It did, so I planned and, in 2023, erected vvroem again. I remembered, and so will you.


Life dies, so life fights back to survive. It has done so for billions of years through adapting. Adapt or die is the rule of evolution, but the path of linear evolution shows alteration. Through science, we learned that everything moves and changes, but nothing ever moves in a straight line or a perfect circle. Greeks already told us it’s the chaos we live in. The universe knows no law or order. But humans are a product of life with one purpose: survival. So we fight, adapt, and bite the forbidden fruit because that is what we do, never what we are supposed to. The first thing we do with rules or laws is break them, like Mozes’s first act after receiving the Ten Commandments. He crushed them.


In our 21st century, we learned that life is dying for the 21st time and call our period the 6th mass extinction because of the speed at which this process takes place. Laws are invented and implemented to decrease humanity’s impact. But life is much older than human civilisation and gained in its billions of years a lot more knowledge than a few world leaders have produced; humans with highly developed instincts, awareness, consciousness and intelligence with one remarkable capability to break every rule, pattern or law. Our purpose should be clear: fighting for survival. But we can not win if we keep living as a product of life, as if we are restricted and limited without the freedom to choose a path that leads to victory.


That one path is sense and simplicity because we have been on that path for thousands of years. We even started counting our years from 0 when one person told us the only path. He is a person that not only our counting of years is based upon but also is recognized by any major or minor religion, and his existence is undeniable. He didn’t leave us books or laws, just a simple gospel: love another as you love yourself and God above everything. But just three letters lead to extreme confusion: G.O.D. When Mozes asked God’s name, his answer was I am. When Jezus was asked who he was, he answered: I am. So the real question we are facing today is: who are we? Or individually: who am I? The answer has been given; the question needs to be asked.

Seeing is believing, and believing is seeing.

Because of our lack of understanding, which arises from not asking the right questions, the answers that were right in front of everyone’s nose but invisible, through our lack of questioning, will be made visible in only one way possible: a paradoxical one, which means being confronted by never-ending contradictions, which leads to confinement and causes us to start asking questions. If this process happens on a massive scale throughout humanity, we call it enlightenment. The last ‘known’ period that happened was after a virus kept killing the world population that made humans do the most unbelievable things to prevent dying a black death. Art, culture and science blossomed, and a few understood the gospel. We all know what happened in 2020, but what happened in 2019?


  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Unity
Toerist maakt foto van een gebouw
Ramen van een gebouw in Neurenberg, Duitsland


  • Local improvement for human life and excistence.
  • National improvement for human life and excistence.
  • International improvement for human life and excistence.

“A winner is a dreamer that never gives up”

Nelson Mandela

Requoted by P. Lamper, creative director @vvroem

Sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire (Ramses Shaffy)